DeeDee (collinsmom) wrote in howtodeal,

dealing with it all

Too much going on. My brain is taking a vacation. Not that I want it to. It just is. I'm not coping with the trip to Africa, moving and then attending school. I need help.

I have finally understand how I deal with major events in my life. I sleep. My physical body doesn't need it but my mental body takes all it can get away with and some extra. I don't know how to keep up the daily schedule let alone the need to deal with the big events scheduled. There is so much that I need to do to get ready for each event.

I guess I need to start with lists...a list for Africa. After that maybe I can concentrate on moving...after that I can concentrate on attending school.

Taking each event one at a time won't work. Not only working on Africa, I still have to get the drapes finished before we move and then pack up my sewing room. Before I concentrate on moving I have to find financial aid, set up courses to take and set up housing and insurance at Asbury for school.

I am afraid of leaning just on aefenglommung because he is so stressed with his own schedule for the summer. He really doesn't need a puddle of jello to haul around because I just can't cope.

I need help.
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