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Hey, all, completely new here. I am 18, living in California, and suspecting that I MIGHT be dealing with borderline personality disorder. If not that, then just general depression, heh. I'm not sure what I'm looking for here; maybe just a place to vent.
So I might be losing my SO thanks to borderline tendencies of mine. I have difficulty dealing with being alone, and have trouble controlling my anger at times. He tells me he's feeling "tied down" and "trapped." He also tells me I'm too sensitive and too emotional. This basically makes me feel like it's entirely my fault for things going to shit. I mean, I know that I have a tendency to be VERY manipulative and needy. I guess I'm just looking for a good way to stop it. I just wish I hadn't ruined one of the best things in my life because of it, ya know?
Any advice or sympathy would be MUCH appreciated...I'm feeling pretty low right now.
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What makes you think you have borderline personality disorder? Are you seeing a psychiatrist? Are you on medications? Maybe you are just a teen who is experiencing the highs and lows of hormone changes associated with the teen years. Having someone to talk through what you are feeling and giving you a handle on how to deal with it always helps. Are you seeing a therapist?

Have you read Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus? It gives some good insight on how men and women interrelate. What I found useful from it is that women like to sit around and talk about feelings and dealing with them. Men like to fix things. They will give you ways they think would help you and therefore seem like they don't really understand. They get frustrated when everything they suggest is turned down or can't seem to fix the problem.