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i recently started a job repairing computer monitors in a factory setting. Among the 25-30 employees there are only 4 women. Most of the employees are Mexican and speak Spanish most of the time. There is a very outgoing man there that has told the Mexicans that I am "one hot momma". I asked him why he said that. I think he thought it was a complement. I told him I don't want to get involved with any more men, 1 man was enough (meaning my husband). This man also calls people M-F----- in jest and others laugh it off. Profanity abounds, but I guess that is the case mostly everywhere. There were people who cussed where I worked in a factory. I guess I'm confused about how to react. I don't want to cause trouble and have people act artificially around me...or do I? Is it lack of respect or just the casual atmosphere? And I wonder what would happen if I complained. This job is temp-to-hire and I really want to be hired on. Any comments on this situation would be greatly appreciated.
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