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im not sure what to do at this point

i was in my entropersonal dynamics class and the professer was teaching us about natural subcontios reactions that your eyes do when you think. but one of the coments he made was "now if the person cosistantly lets there eyes out of focus...like they are looking but you can tell there not seeing....almost like the eyes glaze over, now thats something else. Thats something called Neg. halusination and that is a whole other set of problems...but lets move on."

I do that all the time. They said it was part of my ADD. I looked it up and i found that people with this problem often live in there own sence of reality. People who have this and are put under and hypnotised can be told that they are not aware of someone and when they wake up they dont see them even when they are standing right there and talking or even hurting them. The do not feel or react to any of it. but if the person is told to remember by that person or uses a key word to bring them back to the way they were. they tend to remember it in full.

it kinda scared me...just the fact that i am actually listening and ubsorbing when i space out but when someone asks me about it i dont remember. That is till something will trigger that memory.

When these people are under they also contously hear this person that to them has disappered in there eyes. How ever if this person speaks to them or tells them to do something, soon after they do it. it doesnt occure to them that anything is wrong and they have a prosable reason why its so or they simply dont think the remember.

i have a habbit of knowing how to do things or information but have no recolection of ever learning it. Scarier yet, im usually right but i cant always tell you why i know.

I found more that in schizophrenic paciants they express Pos. and Neg. Halusination and cognitive something (understanding and comprention) I found that im pretty sure i have and show all these think.

i am being treated for ADD but i think i have schizophrenia in addition or maybe a misdiagnoses.

What do i do?
if i tell my mom im schizophrenic she wont believe me.
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